Amanda has magically captured the essence of various phases of our family through her incredibly unique gift, to truly see people and be present. Every image and print I have, touches my heart daily and brings us joy to behold her perspective.” -Lauren

"I'm so glad I chose Amanda for our family photos. She is 100% authentic in her style, capturing moments that could never be recreated - resulting in breathtaking photos to treasure for a lifetime. She gave us a photographic time capsule of our everyday life right here, right now. No gimmicks, no forced smiles - just us being us. She has a unique gift!” -The Sellwoods

"Amanda took photos of our home after we remodeled. Everyone who has seen them says they look like they are straight out of a magazine! She knew when to come to capture the best natural light, making our home look so bright and airy. We are bringing her back when we finish our bathrooms to finalize our before & after album!” -Tiffany

"Where to begin! She is such a delight, and has the talent to capture the true essence of any scene. We adore working with her and she is always our first choice when taking interior photos of our stagings. She takes the time to understand what you want, goes the extra mile to get the shot just right, and knows how to highlight the best part of any room. Her passion and creativity really come through with her work and we can’t recommend Amanda enough!" -Holly, Simply Staged

“If you are debating - the answer is “YES.” Can’t say enough how happy we are with our family photos. We have hired Amanda repeatedly and will continue to do so. AMAZING!” -Marissa

"My husband and I were lucky enough to have Amanda take pictures of us on the afternoon we received the key to our first home! I am not super comfortable in front of a camera, but Amanda made it feel natural and she put us at ease right away. We had so many emotions running through us that day and I am very grateful that she captured these special moments for us. I can't wait to work with her again in the future!" -Jess

"Amanda is exceptionally accepting and loving, so as a photographer she creates the most beautiful "safe space"!! It's so important while photographing people because almost everyone is very nervous and unsure of having their photo taken. This unique quality of her allows everyone to feel at ease and even truly loved." -Lea

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